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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Radical Expansion of state police DNA database

NY-staters. If you ever happen to be "detained" at a nonviolent political protest, arrested for a misdemeanor offense like an open container ticket, or pot possession or a DUI, even if not convicted, prepare to have your DNA taken and stored in a statewide genetic database, along with that of convicted murderers and rapists. At least if NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way. Only a few years ago the state set up a DNA registry for convicted felonious offenders of violent crimes. But the current proposal marks a radical expansion of the scope of forensic DNA. And if you're not a NYer? That's OK. Other states are floating the same idea. And several more, like California, Virginia and Texas, are already there. And needless to say the feds are setting up to link all this data together, no doubt trying to catch up with the UK, which has been at this even longer than we.

Of course you're paranoid if you think this has any chance of being yet another step toward a national genetic database, to be searched and data mined at will by federal agencies.