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It's less fun than it sounds. It seems Gulf Middle School resource officer John Nohejl didn't have any porn on his Myspace page. He didn't link to any porn either. But one of his friends had a link to a legal porn site. It seems kind of like roulette. And the prize is being investigated by the state's cyber crimes unit. In Florida, of course.

The Detroit News has a neat little reminder of what happens when liberty is removed and the police-state mentality closes in: crime. Organized crime. Shooting war between the police and the Mafia. That's the legacy of Prohibition, and it's the legacy of today's Drug War -- if the market wants a product, (booze then, drugs now), then the market will get that product. The only thing Prohibition managed to do was to drive the price up to the point where truly dangerous people took over the distribution.

Y'know, I live in the Caribbean. (Yes, really.) People here buy sailboats. We want to, too, at some point. But mention it, and people will also remind you that you need to watch out for pirates. (Yes, really.) Those pirates? They're not actually pirates. What they are is guys with a motor boat and automatic weapons, funded by cocaine trafficking, who think it'll be great to rape your wife and daughter in front of you, then shoot you all and steal your nice shiny boat. Those guys are only there because the Drug War makes them inevitable. There's no money in piracy nowadays -- but cocaine? America wants it. Bad. Market forces cannot be legislated out of existence, no matter what they tell you.

They just make criminals, that's all.