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To participate in the Glorious Antiauthoritarian Blogging Project, register here to comment (by clicking on the "Comments" link at the top of this post), then drop me a line at to enable you as an author.

The focus is to be fairly narrow.  The purpose of this blog is to track and highlight abuses of civil liberty by both the government and corporations -- and, I suppose, anybody else.  The bulk of attention will be on the United States, but posts about civil liberty around the world are welcome so far as I know.

The goal is to be the go-to place on the Web to know what's happening with freedom.

If the information you want to record is less time-oriented and more in the nature of a background, consider putting it on the Wiki.  And if you just aren't sure, ask.

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Phil Author Profile Page said:

hey michael. great work. i'm hoping to start doing some posts tommorrow, so if you cam get me user access that'd be great.

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