Hard to Know What To Say

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Cheney Calls for Permanent Warrantless Surveillance
Perhaps written in to what remains of the constitution as an amendment. "Congress shall pass all laws permitting warrantless wiretapping".

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Michael said:

It's difficult to imagine the Washington Post quoting Cheney, with his truly cataclysmic lack of credibility, in such a lovingly positive manner.

"Predictable and serious consequences" for failing to do what Cheney says? Would that be like the predictable and serious losses Democrats were going to face in 2006? Or the predictable and serious win we were assured in Iraq? Perhaps it was the predictable and serious weapons of mass destruction amassed by Saddam's regime.

Any half-assed moron can predict serious things until the cows come home -- the key is to check whether said moron has been right in the past. Cheney never is. Why bother even to ask what he thinks?

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