No Matter How Little Threat You Pose...

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Can you be arrested for flying with duct tape, yarn and handcuffs? Yes, it appears you can. We do not yet know how police learned of this teen's intent to hijack a plane and crash it into the Hannah Montana Concert. We do know that the Hannah Montana Concert was actually the next night.

Let's add 'em to the ongoing no-fly list:
But not ALL of them
Pointy Things
Duct Tape

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Michael said:

I like the little Hanna Montana ad copy at the end of CNN's news article -- which cites "unnamed sources" for the scary death-by-terrorism plans of the angsty teen.


Now suicidal teenagers are also an existential threat to America? Can this get any stupider?

uncle osbert Author Profile Page said:

suicidal teenagers have always been an existential threat to america! they make up the bulk of the commies, punks and liberals.

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