XXXtreme Cop Abuse

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Quiet little Cottonwood, Arizona was the scene  of a courthouse protest against police abuse at the trial of Dibor Roberts, a female Sengalese-born American citizen who didn't pull over fast enough for a hot-headed officer. The officer smashed in her car window and grabbed her cellphone and, according to a report on Disloyal Opposition... "while police deny it, the press has reported that (the cop) Neunum dragged (the woman) Roberts from her vehicle, threw her to the ground, and handcuffed her while driving his knee into her back." The woman is now facing charges of "unlawful flight from a police officer" and "resisting arrest."  The resisting arrest charges have apparently been pressed because the cop hurt himself smashing her car window.

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Dibor is found guilty on all counts! Also

Disloyal Opposition is a blog. Get your facts from a news source like

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