30 Ohio High Schoolers Suspended for Wearing Hooded Sweatshirts

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Akron High Schoolers civilly disobey public school district's ban on hooded sweatshirts.

WKYC.com Cleveland reports

Dozens of North High students are sitting at home for challenging Akron's new dress code.

District leaders confirm that the students were wearing hooded sweatshirts or 'hoodies' in violation of the district's new dress code policy.

Nearly 100 students challenged the dress code by wearing hoodies to class, and some students believed that all 100 had been suspended.

According to Julia Mann, district spokeswoman, many of the students agreed to take their hoodies off when faced with discipline, but more than 30 were suspended for insubordination.

One student tells Channel 3 News that the student body was upset that the 'hoodie' policy wasn't being enforced equally from school to school.

The student also said that classmates wore hooded sweatshirts as a way to stay warm Wednesday on the first cold day of the year.

Akron's new dress code took effect in August and requires students in grades K-8 to wear polo shirts and slacks but stops short of requiring strict uniforms.

While high school students can continue to wear jeans and T-shirts, 'hoodies' were outlawed district-wide.

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