Soldier, and Iraq vet, a month away from discharge, being held indefintely without bail, for a "protest" rap song

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Marc Hall, an Iraq war vet, finishing up his Army hitch, or so he thought, had the audacity to get pissed off at being :"stop-lossed" by the Army and sang an angry rap song about it. In the vein if not the style of any number of 'Fuck the Army" ditties done by patriotic American soliders no doubt over the centuries, and wars, since the revolution. But in today's Army blowing off steam equals semi-terrorist threat, don't you know.

Dave Lindorff writes

In the ironically named Liberty County Jail since December 11 sits Army Specialist and Iraq War veteran Marc Hall, a rap musician who had the audacity to write a song attacking the Pentagon for subjecting him to a so-called stop-loss order after he had finished his Army tour and had returned from a posting in Iraq.

Hall, whose hip-hop alias is Marc Watercus, wrote the song and sent it to the Pentagon as a protest. His commander at Ft. Stewart initially had him arrested after he went to his base commander to protest his stop-loss order. He had planned to leave the service when his contract was up on Feb. 27. The Pentagon then upped the charges, claiming that in sending his song to the Pentagon, he had "communicated a threat" to he military. In the song lyrics, Hall says he will shoot officers if he is stop-lossed.

The Pentagon reports that since 2001 it has prevented 120,000 soldiers from leaving the service using the stop-loss policy, which critics say is being grossly mis-used. Originally intended to keep the military from having to withdraw active troops from the battlefield if their contracts expire while they are engaged in the field, the policy has become instead a way of compensating from low enlistment and re-enlistment rates, with stop-loss orders generally hitting soldiers who have already returned home from the wars and who, like Hall, who has a wife and child, are preparing to return to civilian life.

The ironies of Hall's incarceration and prosecution--he is being held without bail, pending a court-martial proceeding, which could be months off--are stunning.

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